Air Hockey Matt

Air Hockey MattEdit

Air Hockey Matt can be found in the "Amazon Arcade" in the Aquarium. Judging by his title, he's pretty good at air hockey. Other than that, there's no real backstory behind him.

Beating Air Hockey Matt yields one stuffed crab for Scarlet. Scarlet can only be given a single stuffed animal from each game in the arcade, and will deny all attempts at giving duplicates.


  • "So you think you can beat Ol' Air Hockey Matt at his own game, huh?"
  • "How did you beat me!? I've been training for so long! *crying*"


  • Despite boasting of his skill at air hockey, it's quite easy to beat him.
    • He might even accidentally score on himself in some cases.
  • Upon beating Air Hockey Matt he will state that all his training was meaningless. This implies that he trained for a very long time to become the Aquarium Air Hockey Champion.
    • If Octodad plays air hockey and subsequently beats Air Hockey Matt, this effectively makes Octodad the new Aquarium Air Hockey Champion
  • Due to Scarlet denying duplicate stuffed animals, the only reason to continue playing and beating Matt after the first time is to assert your dominance even further.