This is a collection of some references, a lot of them sadly are just bad guesses:

- -

- - references to individuals:

Commander Video Rental:

- Nick Esparza=animator - The Color Of Money

Who the Heck is Chris? - Chris Stallman=leadArtist / Everybody Hates Chris / You Dont Know Jack (game)

Murphy’s Laww – Judge Dredd / Majdi Badri=Designer/Writer

Billy - Billy Basso = Intern & ChicagoGameDev / Jaws

Two and a Half Kevins - Two And a Half Men / Kevin Zuhn = COO

Two and a Half Kevins - Two And a Half Men / Kevin Geisler = CreativeDirector

Sole Creator – Sole Survivor

All the Young Horses - All the Pretty Horses

Brain Suckers From Neptune: The Vacuum of Space Never Sucked This Much

Shirtless Chefs of Maryland - ???

Sports Johnson - ???

TotalHalibut (Youtube) - TotalBiscuits

Northernlion (Youtube) - Toilet Paper

Seanannes (Youtube) - Banana Stand

Mangel Rogel (Youtube) - Mango Rogel soda

PwediePie (Youtube) - Pewdie Pie

Brandon Boyer (ingie games festival person) / Chef Boyardee - Chef Boyer-D soup

Video Game Championship Wrestling (youtube/Twitch) - VGCV (poster)

Destructoid mascot - Abrazor (visuals)

Cr1tikal (Youtube) - Abrazor (name origin)

- - - - - - - Jake Ellion root beer

ElRubiusOMG (Youtube) - Some Glasses

Mangel Rogel (person) - Soda Mango Rogel

- -

- - refferences to companies/groups

The Freelance Astronauts (youtube group) - Astronuts

Indie AAA - Indie AAA Milk

That Game Company - That Milk Company

Robo Modo (company) - Robomodo

Vlambeer (company) - Vlambeerios

WideLoad (company) - Kitty Litter

Derpy Hooves My Little Pony Doll - Plushie

Shasta Cola / NASA - Nasta Soda

Coca Cola - Koala Milk

- -

- - refferences to games and game icons

Bit Trip Runner - Commander Video Rental

Fractal (game) - Fractal Jacks

Minecraft - Mintcraft / Golden Apple

Tiny & Big (Game) - Tiny & Big Diapers

Super Meat Boy - MeatCube

Pacman - Cheese Wheel

Oregon Trail (game) / Organ Trail (game) - Organ Trail Mix

Surgeon Simulator (game) - Sturgeon Simulator

QWOP (game) - Quality Workmanship Over Prices (poster)

Stanley Parable (game) - Stanleys Pair of Bowls

Retro/Grade (Game) / Rocket ship

- -

- - more obscure:

Adventure Time - "Purchasing a lemon is COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE!"

John Wayne quote / McGyver S5E12 - "get off your horse and drink your milk" / Space Horse (old game) ...

"Drink Your Juice Shelby" - "Space horse space horse drink your milk. Drink your Juice!"

To The Moon (game) leading theme - Daughter ebndlessly plays only 2 notes on the piano "How does that one song go? ... Not now , I am composing my masterpiece"

Ho Jam ( Female Smegma (Genital Cheese)) - "Whats the matter octopus? Stuck in a Jam? HOHO! Jam"

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