Octodad: Dadliest Catch

Octodad Dadliest Catch

Majdi Badri
John Murphy
Seth Parker
Kevin Zuhn
Microsoft Windows, OS X, Linux, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Wii U
Release date(s)
Microsoft Windows, OS X & Linux
January 30, 2014

PlayStation 4
April 22, 2014 (NA)
April 23, 2014 (PAL)

PlayStation Vita
May 26, 2015 (NA)
May 28, 2015 (PAL)
Wii U
October 28, 2015 (NA)
Preceded by

Octodad: Dadliest Catch, originally titled Octodad 2, is the sequel to the original Octodad. The game was developed by the studio Young Horses. The game was released on Steam in early 2014


This time, our cephaloprotagonist has gotten himself in a bind between his wife’s mounting mistrust, and a disastrous trip to the local aquarium! Are you dad enough to control the titular octopus father as he strives to hide his nautical nature from his family while keeping his tangled tentacles intact?


Gameplay is similar to the first Octodad in which the player controls the limbs of Octodad.  The developers have given Octodad a new rendered skeleton for his body allowing him to stretch farther, slip on banana peels, flail around, and have each appendage react at the same time, as in Octodad spinning.

The Game's Suspicion Meter from the Original Game Returns.This Meter is Filled Up By:

  1. Making a Mess with People Watching
  2. Going into Prohibited Areas for Customers (Maintance Rooms and Later,The Closed Aquarium).
  3. Being Spotted by Security Guards and Employees (Later in the Game).
  4. Being Spotted by People Without Your Disguise.
  5. Failing Some Missions (Such as the Small Aquarium Leak)

Sometimes Places in the Aquarium (And The Boat in a Flashback) Have a Instant-Kill Zone That Fills up the Suspicion Bar Instantly Such As:

  1. Getting Caught By Fujimoto in the Kitchen Chase Scene
  2. Falling of the Edge of the Boat into The Waters (Although Harmless,This Gives the Player and Octodad a Game Over)
  3. Getting Caught by the Hammerhead Shark in the Aquarium Chase Scene
  4. Falling into the Fire At the Cafeteria Chase and Beam Walk Scene (Although this Takes some Time,It is Still Classified as a Instant Kill Zone).
  5. Getting #NINJASLICED By Fujimoto at the Cafeteria Final Battle.
  6. Falling in the very left stall in Aquatic Fun Center

Changes From The Original To Dadliest Catch Edit

-Better Graphics

-Better Controls

-Different storyline

DLC Edit

Octodad Shorts



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