Aquarium mascot, lovable goof, divorcee!Edit


Shark Joe in Octodad: Dadliest Catch.

                                                Shark JoeEdit

Shark Joe is mascot in aquarium. He kindly greets people. He is also friend of Scientists. In 'Silent but Dadly' he goes to change his clothes. After he changed his clothes he probably went to restroom. Octodad sneaks to his room and sounds the alarm. Scientists goes to room to check what is happening. After seeing all huge mess one of scientist says: 'He makes this huge mess then splits'.


  • Shark Joe does have wife and children. It was mentioned by one of scientists.
  • If Octodad wears Shark Joe's shark costume scientists will not notice him.

    Shark Joe as Trading Cart.

  • He doesn't like his job.
  • Shark Joe's costume is based off of the World's Biggest Hammerhead in the Aquarium.
  • Strangely in a newer update Joe states that he is alone like always. However the scientists claim he has family.


  • "Hey kids, wanna learn about sharks?"