That would make you an OC-TO-PUS!
— Tommy Octodad (game)

Tommy is one of the main characters in the Octodad Series. He is the son of Octodad and Scarlet, brother of Stacy.

Octodad (game)Edit

He serves to be one of the main characters in the Octodad series. He is the oldest child in the Octodad game.


  • He is 10 years old.
  • He tends to be naive sometimes, like Stacy and Scarlet.
  • He tends to be disgusting and adventurous sometimes.
  • He thinks learning is boring before he visits the exhibit, but after he claims that learning is fun.
  • He seems to love running around in circles as seen in the game.


"Hey look, Dad's up!"

"Wait, if dad's an octopus, where did we come from?"

"Jeez Stacy, dumb things like trees an animals don't feel pain."

Relationships Edit

  • He sort-of loves Octodad. Sometimes he is mean to Octodad.
  • He tends to be mean to his sister Stacy.
  • An unsure relationship with his mother.
  • Doesn't have a relationship with Chef Fujimoto unless you count tackling as one.

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